MTU_ValueExchange offers re-built products of individual components and parts. And to complete the engines and systems, MTU offers rebuilt products to help you enjoy a reliable performance from MTU power equipment.

The Engine Exchange Program can significantly reduce the engine’s downtime. Under this program, SVF offers the choice of replacing the existing engine with an engine remanufactured at a certified factory. This option requires much less labor than a reconditioning of the engine, and could save you days of production.

All MTU Exchange products are completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected, and then put back together with new consumable parts. Our remanufactured products incorporate the latest designs and materials.

The MTU Exchange program offers an inexpensive alternative to traditional reconditioning. Remanufactured products come with new guarantees from the factory and provide the highest level of remanufactured propulsion installations.


  • Minimizes downtime of systems.
  • Transparent and simplified return programs.
  • Guarantee identical to that of New products.
  • Original MTU spare parts from our MTU_Spares program, to maintain the highest quality standard.
  • Updated with important technological improvements.